Other Local Dojos

The Bujinkan dojos are quite relaxed places to train and are all branches of the Bujinkan Honbu Dojo in Japan. As such we all follow the same core training principles and students and teachers regularly train in multiple locations. It’s good to experience different styles of teaching and this is exactly how what training in Japan is like.

These are local classes that are all within easy reach of our dojo here in Kemsing, Sevenoaks, Kent. Each dojo may have slightly different prices and insurance options but please reach out to the instructors directly or contact us here for more information.

  • http://bujinkankingdojo.com/
    • Mondays in Croydon with UK Senior Instructor Peter King
    • Peter has been guiding the way for students in the Bujinkan since the early 80s – excellent classes to attend.
  • https://www.ryoishintokai.com/
    • Peter also leads the Ryōi Shintōkai and seminars are held at our dojo in Kemsing
  • http://www.bujinkansevenoaksdojo.org/
    • Thursdays in Dunton Green with David Heslington
    • David has been training with Peter King since the 80s and opened the Bujinkan Sevenoaks Dojo in 2006.

Seek out further training opportunities with the following recommended dojos – not an exhaustive list.

  • Bujinkan Yeo Dojo – West London
  • Bujinkan London – Euston and Hammersmith
  • Bujinkan Sessa Takuma Dojo – Margate
  • Bujinkan Totoku Dojo – South London
  • Bujinkan Crawley

For wider training all over the UK – see the google map here